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Here’s what we’re chatting about: advising (or not advising) young people, facing failure, taking feedback as you get older, Instagram etiquette, style inspiration, straight-man Tinder don’ts, shifting priorities, discovering new interests, a book recommendation, listener reviews and tons more. Tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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6 Thoughts on This week on Everything is Fine
    9 Aug 2022

    Please tell Jenn I am enjoying the ALL CAPS SHOW NOTES FLAGGING 😉


    9 Aug 2022

    can’t stop chuckling when jen remarked about her friends liking celebrity’s posts. thank you for the laughs about that one and articulating my silent scrolling eye rolls when i see that. i guess people feel they’re in the game … those celebs don’t need another like and hello algo following you on those like clicks.


    8 Aug 2022

    I had to take a break from work so I ran an errand just to listen to the podcast. It was the right move because I was cackling non-stop at your Instagram discussion. Feel so much better now : )


    8 Aug 2022

    So so funny and great to have you both back. Tried to explain to my husband why I love you guys so much and couldn’t break through to him. It’s a female thing. I have 3 daughters, so the clothing thing is always in my head, although they are over the worst of it now. Certain men will always be predators no matter what a woman wears. Loved the “likes” discussion – really fascinating and deserves some proper study! And I am always looking at older ladies to see what’s ahead. I started reading More magazine in my thirties, even though it was for 40 plus. I need to hit Palm Springs to see what’s up there, as Jenn made it seem promising.


    10 Aug 2022

    It is remarkable in such a gratifying way how often your conversations are what I am thinking about or have history with .
    an example: Jenn : I played with my mother’s arm fat as she did with her mother. ( told me at the time) Granted my grammy(the best) was a Mrs. Beasley sort so more there 🙂 – and it was of an age like your daughters and earlier when you are in each others immediate space bored. But it is a funny sort of intimacy. comfortableness? It brought me joy to recall those 2 wonderful women.
    I had not remembered , thought about that till you mentioned it. Thank you.


    12 Aug 2022

    Loved this episode, per usual. I really appreciated Kim’s comment about provocative clothes on young girls. It nailed the way to open a discussion I think. Pointing out that they are dressed for themselves and that is assuming a world where girls have some power and autonomy. If they are prepared to be approached, leered at, spoken to derogatorily, perhaps even touched AND THEY KNOW that this is about the men (and the world they live in) and not about the girl then they can hold onto some of that power. If I as a parent and teacher don’t have those conversations with them then I am not giving them all the tools that they need. Hard conversations for sure.



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