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Instead of stewing in our collective outrage (and fury!) over the recently-leaked Supreme Court decision regarding Roe v Wade, now seems like a good time to talk about action. Our guests today — Rebecca Hart Holder and Jen Bluestein — have spent much of their careers fighting for abortion rights and reproductive equity. Rebecca is the executive director of Reproductive Equity Now and Jen is the former managing director of NARAL Prochoice America and the current senior director of policy and advocacy at the Schusterman family philanthropies. It’s a really galvanizing and educational episode, so do tune in.

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6 Thoughts on This week on Everything is Fine
    16 May 2022

    Thanks for this. I was at the Denver rally on Saturday and didn’t see as much coverage of those as I would have hoped.


    20 May 2022

    Thank you for an informative episode. As a lifelong California resident I admittedly take for granted the many rights my state has provided its residents that so many other Americans don’t have or are in jeopardy of losing. This episode is a good reminder of that and also provided good examples of the ways I can help.


    18 May 2022

    Great episode and helpful to hear good places for our tactical efforts. My state, NJ, codified reproductive rights in January. I don’t know what to say about the “white woman” problem. It was at the Women’s March in January of 2017 that a woman of color looked at me and said “white women elected Trump”. That was a huge revelation to me. So many women I know, who are otherwise intelligent, are voting the way their husbands recommend. What good is the concept of (because it’s not true) lower taxes when our country is losing its humanity. Religion has no place in our government, but what the radical right wants for our country is certainly not Christian. It’s hard to keep going, but thank you for this episode that offered some constructive steps.


    Kelly S.
    16 May 2022

    I spoke at the Planned Parenthood rally in my town. It was incredibly energizing. I emphasized the necessity to VOTE. Our congressman, another GOP groper, is resigning, so it’s a great time to vote in a progressive.


    18 May 2022

    Thank you for this. I didn’t know about donating locally (I’ve always given money to big national organizations because I figured they had the most power). One small note–many, many Republicans I know personally are one-issue voters and that issue is usually taxes. While they care a bit about a woman’s right to choose and feel women do have that right a vote for not increasing their taxes is more important and I have tried on too many occasions to tell each and every one of them that their taxes are actually LOWER under Democrats, but this is where Republicans win––their message is relentless about smaller government and lower taxes even though it’s as big a lie as “stolen election.” I will keep donating and keep protesting and keep talking, but unless the Democrats get better at messaging and unless the media gets better at honest coverage I feel we are doomed.


    16 May 2022

    Thank you for this!!!



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