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Jenn and I are talking about social media whiplash, the guilty joy of watching Euphoria when you’re middle aged, the disappointment of Pam & Tommy, regrets and the male gaze, plus: more hair talk, bummer moods, and how we’re really feeling about our birthdays this year, so please do tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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4 Thoughts on This week on Everything is Fine
    7 Mar 2022

    That was such a great episode. Especially your discussion about male gaze and power. Why were we like that in our youth???? And, Kim, I’m right there with you being a size 12 for the 1st time in my life. Happy birthday to you both!


    7 Mar 2022

    THANK YOU for addressing how “Pam & Tommy” exploits (yet again) Pamela Anderson. There was an interview with Lily James recently in the LA Times and I found it just gross (sorry for the sophomoric language, but it is really the word I find most appropriate) how neither she nor Lake Bell took responsibility for this. Pamela Anderson made it clear that she didn’t want this and refused to participate. They were shocked, but this, in the end, meant nothing. Bell and James just kept on going, with their defense seeming to be that they meant well. It’s just appalling.
    The rest of the episode was great, too. 🙂


    7 Mar 2022

    Thanks for the very real conversation! Kim, I’m sorry you’ve had a health scare. I’ve had some over the years and always find them clarifying – makes you realize what’s important, and also to value and nurture your health. I’m not sure if I’m interested in Pam and Tommy, but am inhaling Somebody, Somewhere and do not want it to end. Now I want to see Bridge Everett perform in NYC. A girl can dream.


    7 Mar 2022

    Ooh, I’m excited to hear your thoughts on Pam and Tommy! I’m enjoying but have real issues with the way they portray both Pamela and Rand, making her ditzier and him less awful. I’m also surprised to hear the words joy and Euphoria together. The first season was so grim, even though I liked it I haven’t been able to psyche myself up for season 2.



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