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It’s me and Jenn doing our one-on-one thing this week, and we cover many topics, including but not limited to: loving boring and uncool things like (for me) the band Chicago, and (for Jen) talking about spaghetti squash.  Plus! Complicated sibling relationships, answering a listener’s question about shoes, the pleasures of watching shows about women over 40, laser treatments, Sandra Oh, podcasts we love and, weirdly, a whole lot more.  Do tune in, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get podcasts. And do please join our Patreon! We’ve got another live event coming up soon—along with a lot of other cool stuff—and the more of you who are there the better by far.

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9 Thoughts on This week on Everything is Fine
    18 Oct 2021

    I am really digging this podcast and I’ve found your 1:1 conversations to be so damn insightful and even better than the ones w/guests (and those are still good!). Thank you both.


    13 Oct 2021

    I was listening to this while out for a bike-ride yesterday, and it was fantastic – when Jenn talked about siblings and the experience/dynamic of being the eldest daughter, I almost careened right off the trail.


    15 Oct 2021

    I am late to comment on this but I only just listened to the podcast. So maybe it’s too far back in the feed for anyone to read, but I’d like to respectfully point out that the early in the podcast Kim and Jen are saying how glad they are that they don’t feel compelled to be cool anymore, and then turn right around and saying ladies who wear pigtails, or sparkly eyeshadow, or whatever are trying too hard to look younger. Do you mean they’re not…cool? Maybe they just like to wear that stuff? Wouldn’t the real coolest thing be to not judge what other people look like? I am talking bodies, and faces, and clothing–it’s all of a piece. As I have moved into the realm of invisibility that accompanies growing older, I have come to see it as a gift. Nobody really cares what I am wearing! And I will return that favor and not care right back at them. Much love to you both. I know we are all struggling. But sometimes we are caught up in old and hurtful (to ourselves and others) thoughts and patterns even when we think we’ve jettisoned them for good.


    11 Oct 2021

    The Kim and Jen episodes are my favorites. I was hoping for more recommendations for shows about women over 40 that I haven’t already seen. I wanted to love Workin’ Moms, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, and On the Verge, but they were all terrible. As far as plastic surgery and lasers, I have this weird ethical hang up where I feel like women owe it to other women to work with what we’ve got. To me, surgery crosses the line and unfairly raises people’s beauty standards, and I know that can be said about a lot of other beauty-related things, but I think it’s the obscene cost that’s the problem for me. I’m also only 47, so this will probably change in ten years, like so many of my other ethical positions 🙂 Oh, and I have that same chin hair problem. Tinkle face razors work like a charm on them, and you can carry them in your purse for the hairs that literally grow back the same day.


    11 Oct 2021

    Superlative podcast this morning.


    11 Oct 2021

    Loved this one, no surprise as you’re always discussing things that I discuss with my good friends! Agree about the rabbit hole of “fixing” and constantly feel disappointed with myself about not loving my aging face and body. I’ve held the line at Botox, and may stay there. At 57 it’s either go big or go home (on the purchased youthenizing measures), and home is where I’m inclined to stay. Hopefully my eyes will soften and accept my aging looks. My mom was very vain and self critical, so I think I have a genetic flaw (lol). I’d LOVE to hear more about stress reduction/mindfulness tips from you both and other listeners. I so enjoy the community you’ve created and wish for more ways for us all to lift each other up along with the completely welcome honesty.


      12 Oct 2021

      Yes. I’m a bit younger and love how I look. Good diet, running, manicures and getting my roots done do wonders for me.


    11 Oct 2021

    Can’t wait to hear this, as I love the just-Kim-&-Jenn episodes.
    BTW, comment to Jenn — love your IG stories. You have a great eye.


    11 Oct 2021

    ok i admit i’ve really come around to the everything is fine 2.0 podcast. the conversations on your kim and jen epps are so real and honest. thanks guys for letting us be apart of your friendship and insights. . i just feel better after hearing you guys in the morning.



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