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We’ve got Jo Piazza and Christine Pride on the show this week, and we’re talking about the  novel they co-wrote, We Are Not Like Themwhich comes out this week. It’s about best friends—one white, one Black—whose relationship is put to the test after a police shooting. It is, in its way, as astute a meditation on race in this country as I’ve read, and the ladies don’t shy away from the tough topics in this conversation about it. Listen in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. And people! Join our Patreon so you don’t miss out on any excellent exclusive content, like our monthly live events.

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    4 Oct 2021

    I had the same issue of my membership expiring because I forgot to update my credit card but renewing it was easy-peasy. I did wonder why I wasn’t getting invited to the Zoom sessions!


    4 Oct 2021

    A word about Patreon… My membership “expired” because I forgot to update my payment info after my last credit card was hacked and replace. Trying to get the payment info so I could get my membership updated took all kinds of shenanigans that I was ill-equipped to handle because I am NOT a tech person. I think I’ve finally gotten things back on track and my membership should update in “7 to 10 business days,” but Lordy they did not make it easy!! (I wouldn’t have even bothered, but the extra content you get from the EIF podcast made it so worth the effort!!)


    5 Oct 2021

    This was a great conversation, I enjoyed listening. I hope that they are right, and this will reach people that would not read a nonfiction book regarding race. And hit people in the heart instead of just the mind . I have been listening since the beginning, and your podcast has really moved in to deeper and more nuanced conversations.


    5 Oct 2021

    Loved this conversation, thank you so much! Ordering their book now



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