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Well, last week Jenn was in New York, and she came to my place to record this super-fun episode in person. We chat about running into exes, overcoming family trauma, too-young readings of VC Andrews, White Lotus, and the silly shame of a poor packing job. Among other things. Do join us, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. And please do join our Patreon for all sorts of fun exclusive content!

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5 Thoughts on This week on Everything is Fine
    9 Aug 2021

    Would love to hear more about being the female breadwinner in a partnership – I felt you had just gotten started on this topic in this week’s podcast! I’m in a very long term relationship where we met at work and for the first 8 yrs he made a bit more than me and then for the past 9 yrs I changed careers and make 3x + more than him. It’s been interesting to watch what it does to his attitude towards things. Anyway, would love more discussion on this. Not a situation I anticipated being in!


    13 Aug 2021

    I just listened to the podcast and have to sing the praises of my steamer. My husband is a photographer and turned me onto this one, which he keeps in his kit. I use it every day, and travel with it too. It’s not as compact as other steamers, but is easy enough to tuck into a suitcase.


      Jenn Romolini
      14 Aug 2021

      this is so useful Michelle, thank you!


    9 Aug 2021

    I devoured all the VC Andrews incest porn in 7th/ 8th grade. I love dresses MORE as I get older – kaftans forever.

    As for couples where the woman earns more $$/ has bigger career (raises hand) – I think the secret is that the husband at least has to have his own thing going on that makes some money/ feels like they’re contributing to the team. They have root for your success, not resent it. And vice versa (the bigger earner can’t lord their success over their partner).

    Also – I LOVE the White Lotus. The score/ sound design – ‘Tropical Dread’ – is just perfect.


    9 Aug 2021

    yes! -what the heck was with those VC Andrews books?! I still remember the cover of Flowers in the Attic .
    & my heart goes out to you KimFrance -on running into the Ex-
    surely you heard me scream!



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