Notes from the sickbed


Apologies for no post today: out of nowhere I’ve caught an awful cold, and I feel enfeebled, weak as a kitten, and not a little peevish.  Cheer me up in the comments by sharing what you’ve read or watched lately that you’ve really liked, and/or what you’re most excited about doing this weekend.

Should we have another week of requests?


Bring me your best, ladies.

Top 5 of the week: socks!


My second-biggest domestic project—after clearing out the extra room—has been to upgrade my pathetically understocked sock drawer, and I have to say that life looks not-insignificantly brighter when your socks match and have no holes. Mostly I’ve been focusing on warm and high-functioning pairs, but I’m also a sucker for something cute and fun, like this fancified athletic pair.

Shout out to my mom’s dear friend Anne (a regular GOACA reader), who tipped me off to these socks when I saw her over the holidays. They’re by a company called Darn Tough, based in Vermont, and apparently they guarantee their product for life. I like that they’re wool (and wool blends) but are also thin (at least some pairs are) because too-thick socks make it impossible to get my boots on, which starts the day off poorly.

I guess it’s becoming clear by now that pretty much the only print I can handle on a sock is stripes, and this color combination is especially appealing.

Of course I always make an exception to any rule for animal prints, and while these don’t look terribly warm, they are adorable.


Likewise this colorblock pair.



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