What is the most nuts thing you’ve ever done in the name of love (or lust)?


I avoided the entire neighborhood of Soho for two years after having my heart badly broken by one of its inhabitants.  I moved across the country to Seattle after college to be with the Outward Bound instructor I’d taken up with in Joshua Tree on one of their trips. I traveled to Chicago when my grandmother died, and on the eve of her funeral, hooked up with an old college flame. And, most recently, I took up bicycling in New York City. Please top me.

Feeling Chore jackets



I know this isn’t the most seasonally appropriate post I’ve ever done for those of us trudging through frozen rain at the moment, as we have been here in New York. But I am reminded in the comments not infrequently that I have readers who live in warmer climates. And I think maybe, if I’m being really honest, the reason I so rarely do wintertime posts that may feel relevant to you is because I am just really jealous. I dream of the sun all winter long, and you people are living my dream. But I will also say that there is something to be said for encountering spring after a particularly brutal winter, so I shall look forward to enjoying these little chore jackets—that are maybe a trend, but more likely just a newish classic, like clogs—when the sun returns. This first one is from Everlane (Yes, Everlane again, but it’s good, and super-cheap) and I would wear the hell out of it layered with a cashmere hoodie.

I could almost see this drapey & Other Stories option in an office-y environment, styled as a kind of dressed-down blazer.

Now here is something we might have a fighting chance of wearing around here: a sherpa-lined L.L. Bean specimen. (Here is the not-sherpa-lined version.)

This Madewell option is such a cool and grown-up take on the denim jacket (even though it’s styled pretty young here, it must be said).

And here’s another Madewell number that has a slightly military-ish feel.

Circle of life


So I’m doing sort of medium-good on the no-shopping front. I’m not buying nearly as much as I had grown used to, but lately there have been some slips. For instance, I bought a Zero+Maria Cornejo shearling jacket (no longer available or I’d link to it) that was 70% off but still not cheap by any means. It’s gorgeous but it’s not the type of thing I can go around throwing down the credit card for every day. Plus, I already have a lot. Too much, even. So in order to restore the karmic (and fiscal) balance, I sent some quite nice pieces I still really love to The Real Real. Like this dreamy this Zero+Maria Cornejo alpaca coat that I saw come down the Fall 2015 runway and swore I would make my own. It’s always been too tight in the sleeves, because I ordered it in the wrong size, but I didn’t ever want to get rid of it because it is just so beautiful. Also up for grabs: this Chanel coat that I (obviously) bought during the Lucky years, and have hung on to for ages even though it no longer fits my lifestyle (plus, there’s all that nasty business about Coco Chanel loving Nazis). And this Vince shearling hoodie, which I know is not cheap, but is an amazing buy. It hurts a little to see these pieces up for sale—they still did spark joy—but it also makes me feel so much less gross for buying that Cornejo shearling.



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