Top 5 of the week: hippie girl dresses


These are the dresses I seriously live in once it gets really hot out, because the fabric is typically so fabulously light, and they just sort of flow nicely in the summer breeze. This pretty perfect specimen from Emerson Fry is in my shopping cart even as I type.

A square neck dress usually strikes me as kind of frumpy somehow, but I do think this one is pretty lovely. And the shoulders are just ever-so-slightly puffy, for those of you who go in for that type of thing.

I included this dress because I think the V-neck is nicely unexpected and also because as you know, I dig yellow these days. But I also included it because it comes from this Etsy shop, where you can  find a ton of block print dresses at very reasonable prices. I ordered two from them last summer, and must forewarn you that the fit is rather boxy, but is also nothing a trip to the tailor couldn’t solve.

A hippie girl shirtdress? Be still my beating heart.

As you may or not know, I am not a fan of the maxi dress, as I feel it’s not the most flattering silhouette. But I think the print mixing here is just aces.

A treasury of hippie girl dresses


There are few items as summery and easy as these: I like them when they’re reasonably clean-lined, with lively (but not overwhelming) prints. This sleeveless dress would also double nicely as a beach coverup.

I love the red and pink print here—so rich.

Etsy is crawling with block print dresses, many of which are vintage or one-offs; I like this sweet lemon yellow number.

This dusty rose specimen just looks like it’d flow really nicely.

I dig the low neckline here.

This is meant to be a beach cover-up, but with a cotton slip, you could convert it to streetwear.

The delicate flounces and slightly asymmetrical hem make this one standout.

The pops of orange here are just fantastic.

And finally: here’s a nice streamlined option.


Feeling hippie girl dresses


Summer and hippie girl dresses go together like a cheeseburger and fries, but you want to be careful not to look too much like an extra from Hair, and that can be easily accomplished. Just look for dress shapes that are relatively clean-lined, and keep your accessories sharp. I like that this cute pink number is essentially a shirtdress, but with interesting—but not too interesting—sleeves.

Such a feminine and flattering shape.

This dress is from Matta, which is a good resource for chic hippie girl garb (and they’ve got a store near my apartment and also in Sag Harbor, so I find them very nearly unavoidable). It’s a more traditional hippie girl shape than most of what’s here, but the subtle color palette keeps it sophisticated.

This is longer than I typically go, but it looks so flowy and comfortable.

Likewise, this J Crew dress is pretty maxi, which I don’t always think is flattering, but the fact that it’s fitted up top makes it work.

Just a cute sundress with a touch of matchy-clashiness at the hem.

This is rather low-cut so probably not best for busty gals, but I think it is quite graceful.

The contrast of embroidery and a floral print on this Free People dress appeals.




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