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movie poster

  • These vintage Russian movie posters are pretty cool.
  • Working mothers, this is funny. (New Yorker)
  • I was fascinated by this story of a new lynching memorial in Alabama. (NY Times)
  • In honor of the creator of Schoolhouse Rock, who died last week, here are the best songs he ever wrote for that series. (Vulture)
  • A cool resource for lovers of Prince. (The Purple Syllabus via Kottke)

18 perfectly age-appropriate denim jackets


citizens denim

I get a lot of mail asking me when, exactly, is the right time to retire one’s denim jacket—there seems to be a popular perception that after a certain age, they’re no longer right. I’ve decided—as I do with most things—that there is no time limit on this particular article of clothing as long as you feel good wearing it (I also think they look better un-distressed, but that’s just me). So let your freak flag fly, ladies, and do enjoy the menagerie I’ve posted here, starting with this one, which has a cool slit up the side.

topshop denim

I like this one from Topshop because it’s black and slightly oversized, which makes it good for layering.

current denim

I like the snap buttons here.

barbour denim

This one is from Barbour, and I like the Barbour-ish cut, and the fact that there’s a subtle striped thing happening.

rebel denim

I like a collarless jacket, and this is so refined.

beard denim

Such a cute embroidered option from Veronica Beard.

great denim

And more embroidery, from The Great.

fisher denim

This is Eileen Fisher, but I think it’s really chic.

everlane denim

Everlane’s denim jacket was introduced not long ago, and it’s very nicely priced.

& other denim

This is cropped the exactly right amount—which is to say, not too much.

ag denim

Pastels are very big this season, and this pink one is a good way to engage that trend.

lam denim

I like the raw hems on the sleeves and collar here.

madewell denim

This one from Madewell has been cut apart then stitched back together, for a look that I think is very cool.


ag denim1

This moto-style jacket could almost stand in for a blazer.

frame denim

I like the tie neck here—very French.

ag denim2

Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that I would love a red denim jacket.

lang denim

I am a big fan of the exaggerated cuffs and zipper on this Helmut Lang choice.

Some pink items, just for kicks


pink speaker

This speaker is just too damn cute.

heath pink

A gorgeous vase from Heath Ceramics.

pink sugar

A nice, sturdy sugar bowl.

pink charger

This charger is something I desperately need, and is kind of a perfect gift for those hard-to-buy-for types.

pink headphones

These headphones are actually really chic.

pink tray

I’d use this tray for entertaining (if I ever entertained) or for catching stray scraps of paper on my desk/kitchen table.

pink table

Such an elegant side table for placing next to a sofa or even your bed.

rice cooker

And finally: why not a pink rice cooker?



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