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I had so much fun on Monday getting to know loyal commenters (and delightful people) C.W. and Mamavalveeta during a mini-meetup we had out in Amagansett. After a nice long visit, we concluded affairs the way all GOACA meetups should end: with shopping. How cute is my new hat?

Here’s a cheaper-but-similar version.

I surprise myself by liking this peplum blouse. It’s more girly than I usually go, but I’m thinking the tiniest bit of waist definition isn’t the worst thing.

One of my yoga teachers, the peerless Joanna Ross-Tash, forgot her sunglasses on our recent retreat to Italy. So—as I never travel without an extra pair because I’m so paranoid about my light sensitivity—I lent her my spare: a pair of blue ones from Celine that are in extra high rotation. I told her to guard them with her life and give them back once we got home. Alas, she lost them and felt terrible and sent me this link to the very pair, and cheaper than I paid for them. I told her not to worry about the glasses—because Lord knows I have plenty—and we agreed to call it even in exchange for dinner and a private, so really I’m thinking I come out ahead on account of the fact that Joanna is great. But I’m so pleased to have discovered Smart Buy Glasses, the resource she linked me to, because it’s a fantastic resource for cheaper (as in: still not cheap) out-of-season fancy sunglasses.

Friend breakups: Discuss


Friend breakups can be as painful and mysterious as romantic breakups, I think—Lord knows enough has been written about them. I’ve had a couple over the decades, and they’re brought their own unique pain, torture, and—in one case—relief. I’m curious how many of you have had a friendship hit the skids, and eager to know how you dealt with it. Did you mourn endlessly, move on quickly, or—as was the case recently with me—come back together after a certain amount of time?

It’s getting to be jeans season again



I’ve been out in Sag Harbor for the past couple of weeks, taking it easy, doing yoga every day, going to my favorite tomato stand, and enjoying the waning days of summer. As I type this it’s pretty hot out, but in the evenings and mornings there’s a slight chill in the air, and it’s making me think of how long pants weather is not so terribly far away. Right now I’m thinking about jeans with very clean washes—with minimal whiskering or fading—so that’s mostly what I’m showing here. This Madewell pair looks especially good: just a tiny bit of whiskering at the top, and a nice, deep blue wash.

An excellent cropped boy straight cut from the spendy-but-perfect brand R13.


I absolutely love the wash on this pair.

These are nice and clean too, and well-priced.

A nice, dark slouchy pair.

These look perfectly broken-in from the get-go.

A nicely faded, high-waisted pair from Levi’s.

Everyone needs at  least one blacker than black pair.

Another very well-priced pair with a very good wash.

And finally, I couldn’t resist including these, which make me think of 2003, except they’ve got a slightly higher waist than what I was wearing in 2003.



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