A bunch of good necklaces for layering


Mejuri black pearl necklace—a bunch of good necklaces for layering

I’ve been doing a lot of necklace layering lately, which is to say I basically wear the same three every day (I sleep in them, which makes things so much simpler) and every once in a while, I’ll switch one of them out for something fresh. At the moment I’m wearing a couple of James Colarusso charms on a chain; a gorgeous Persian turquoise pendant from Ten Thousand Things; and quite delicate little Grace Lee necklace that I believe is lapis. It’s not the most genius layering job anyone’s ever done, but it works, and I’m always striving to improve by changing things up with new textures and lengths. I’ve tried to add a fourth necklace to the menagerie, but so far I’m not quite advanced enough for this, so I’m holding steady at three, which I think is fine. Even two is plenty chic: just check out how lovely this black pearl necklace looks with a simple, unadorned chain as accompaniment.

Catbird Rose thorn necklace—a bunch of good necklaces for layering

This gold rose thorn is elegant and just a little menacing.

Yayoi Forest necklace—A bunch of good necklaces for layering

I like the organic shape here, and the unexpected placement of the eensy diamond.

From Ten Thousand Things: a simply beautiful lapis cluster necklace.

I found this locket amongst the jumbo statement necklaces at J. Crew, and I think it’s rather nice.

And I’m so excited I found this inexpensive knockoff of a gothic letter pendant—the only other ones I’ve found cost a fortune.

Iconery moon necklace—a bunch of good necklaces for layering

I am absolutely dying for this sliver of a crescent moon. It is somehow utterly perfect.

Catbird skull necklace—a bunch of good necklaces for layering

If I didn’t already wear a skull charm every day (that’s what one of the Colarusso charms is), I would be jumping right on this one with the excellent diamond eyes.

Anthropologie initial pendants—a bunch of good necklaces for layering

And finally, call me crazy, but I kind of love these oversize initials. They’re super-cheap, too.



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