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  • These photos of miniatures are just a delight. (Colossal)
  • Everything you need to know about the Bridgerton Prequel. (Town & Country)
  • 17 leading broadcasters on Barbara Walters’ legacy. (NY Mag)
  • Season two of Yellowjackets starts tomorrow night—here’s a refresher.
  • And here’s one for Succession, which airs the first episode of its new season Sunday. (Vulture)
  • This week on Everything is Fine, we’re talking all about religion in childhood, dumb TV we’re watching, a new lipstick trick, plastic surgery without shame, wedding planning and all the stuff we always talk about. Please do tune in! (Apple Podcasts)
  • Finland is giving away trips there to show why they’re purportedly the world’s happiest country. (My Modern Met)
  • A liked this profile of photographer Nan Goldin. (The Cut)
  • This Month’s Perimenopausal Horoscope: amusing. (McSweeney’s)
  • And here’s a pretty interesting interview with Nick Cave. (New Yorker)


A cavalcade of stripes


Stripes are arguably the best and most versatile print, and while I wear them year-round, they feel especially appropriate as the weather turns warmer. I especially like them in bright and happy colors, like the yellow on this button-down.

The orange-y red stripes here pop so nicely.

And here’s a light cardigan for throwing on with just about anything.

A nice heavy tee that comes in an assortment of colors.

Brown stripes are unexpected—in a welcome way—here.

The colors on this turtleneck are really more autumnal than spring-like, but I’d wear it now anyway.

A big boxy oxford shirt with delightfully big pockets.

I dig the contrasting chevron-print pocket on this cute pink shirt.

A really cool cotton blend sweater for layering now, or wearing on its own later.

The A-line shape of this Xirena shirtdress is a flattering touch, and I really dig the colors.

This crochet sweater—which is made of super-soft recycled cashmere—is just gorgeous.

The fluttery sleeves on—and slouchy fit of—this tee are standout.

This cardi has a delightfully nautical vibe, and I like the nice deep neckline.

An elegantly menswearish shirt.

A lot of you have raved about Universal Standard’s tees, and I’m a big fan of this V-neck.

This bright caftan is so in my wheelhouse that I can hardly stand it.

A stretch poplin shirt that’s comfy as can be.

I dig the side buttons on this Breton stripe sweater—so french lady chic.

Another Breton stripe sweater; one that’d go into high closet rotation due to its peak versatility.

This tee has a slightly puffy shoulder, and I find myself actually not minding it.

And finally, a very spiff shirtdress, from Vince.

I’m getting married soon


In a few short weeks, believe it or not. We left most everything to the last minute, and there is currently much rushing about, all over creation, to tie up seemingly infinite loose ends. And then occasionally, in the midst of all this barely-controlled chaos, the gravity of what we’re about to do will hit me. Getting married is a lot of things—optimistic, joyful, intense—but it’s also heavy. In a good way, but still.  It’s profound—and profoundly sobering—to stand in front of those you’re closest to and latch yourself legally to another person, for life.  Decades ago, I attended a wedding shower during which we guests took part in an “advice circle,” which is just what it sounds like: everyone going around and offering up pearls of wisdom on the topic of marriage. I thought it was the corniest idea ever, but I was wrong: it was actually funny, thought-provoking, and kind of meaningful. So how do you all feel about doing an advice circle for me? I’d love to hear your best, so please do share in the comments.



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