What indulgence are you not likely to give up any time soon ?



Once or twice a month, I send flowers from Urbanstems to myself—they cost about as much as dinner at some fabulous restaurant (if you provide the vase, even less), but last so much longer. The most recent arrangement I sent myself was this happy yellow one,  which I put in a silver vase. It has brightened my days immeasurably. How about you? What are you not about to skimp on?

GOACA’s top ten bestsellers of the year—so far


OK, time for my semi-annual disclosure of how I make money on this blog, people, and here goes: I receive a commission on sales of many (but not all) of the items I feature here, through affiliate partnerships. I also receive analytics of my sales, which allows me to see what  you click on, what you buy, what you keep, and what you return. I always find this information pretty fascinating, and a while back I started sharing it with you now and again. So here’s 2020 so far, starting with this Rachel Comey jumpsuit, which I wasn’t surprised so many of you went for—it’s got a slouchy, elegant silhouette, and I really like how it’s cut to look like two pieces instead of one.

Nili Lotan’s Tel Aviv pant is probably my most-worn and favorite trouser at the moment: it’s got a roomy enough fit, but appealingly slim lines too. I don’t own it in this olive hue, but I’m really tempted.

You guys really, really like Rag & Bone’s Slade blazer, which made this list last year as well, and it’s not hard to see why: It’s so  polished-looking, and yet decidedly casual in feel. It also comes in a nice variety of hues.

I do like a side stripe, and this pant from Current-Elliott has really good ones.

I purchased this really reasonably-priced robe on Etsy at the beginning of the summer, and it took forever to arrive (it ships from India) but the wait was so worth it: it’s super-soft, and has a sweet pink print.

These Rag & Bone jeans have a high-but-not-too-high waist, and a nice straight-leg cut. They’re also currently on sale.

I went for these faux-leather joggers a while back, and adore them: they’re as comfortable as sweats, and truly look like real leather.

A lower-waisted  straight-leg jean, for those of you who refuse to roll with high waistlines.

Such a pretty floral print on this satin popover from Vince, and right now it’s more than half off.

I think these Onitsuka Tiger sneakers are just so classic and old-school, and I dig the wee pop of color against the black.


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