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When I saw Flamingo’s bikini wax kit on my friend Andrea’s blog a while back, I was intrigued: prior to Covid, I’ve never in my life even contemplated attempting to wax my own bikini line—precision is not my strong suit, and self-waxing seems to require it—but strange times call for all sorts of firsts. So I put in an order for one (which costs a very reasonable $10), and was not disappointed. The wax strips come in three different shapes—the better to accommodate whatever shape you want your remaining hair to take—and don’t require heating, so the whole process is quite tidy. And—as long as you remember to hold your skin taut—it works really well, though you may have to go over the same spot more than once to remove everything. Next up for me: Flamingo’s face-waxing kit, to get rid of those scary, inch-long chin hairs that seem to sprout overnight.

This week’s podcast episode is really fun


Ann Powers is NPR’s music critic, and pretty much my favorite music writer, and Tally and I had the best time talking to her about everything from the true role of groupies, Madonna’s weird bathtub rant, the incident with a pop star that she never talks about (but which made her trend on Twitter) and so much more. It’s dishy good fun, but Ann packed a lot of insight into the episode too, so do listen in on  Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

It’s the little things


Check out these Liberty of London masks, which I do not need—I already own so many masks—but which my life might not be complete without.



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