Things I bought, things I want, beauty edition


I took a stroll over to the Sephora at Atlantic Center the other day to stock up on Drunk Elephant’s B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum, and—because I am only human after all—left with quite a few other items, starting with this hydrating lip balm, which feels rich but not heavy on your lips, and provides a nice wash of color.

On days I’m feeling tired and haggard, I like to brighten up my waterline—that’s your lower eyelid—with a little of this genius product that really lives up to its name: my eyes just pop more when I’ve got this on.

I desperately need to stock up on my Portrait of a Lady Hair & Body Oil, which has been my scent for a while now. I prefer the body oil to actual perfume, because the fumes bug me, and also because I swear the scent lasts longer. And this hydrates beautifully, too.

I received a sample of this Charlotte Tilbury mascara, and I think it might be the most natural and clump-free mascara I’ve ever tried. Not a choice for times when you want to bring the drama (for that I’d still reach for this or this), but perfect for everyday.

Diptique always comes out with some special holiday-themed candles, and this one—which smells delightfully of pine tree—is really pretty too.

And here’s a less pricey way to scent your home, from a favorite brand of mine, Soap & Paper Factory.

This Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar is just so luxe, and actually a great deal considering all you get. I’m super-tempted.

Where (and how) do you give?



It’s Giving Tuesday, which I know is a made-up thing, but it’s a good made-up thing, and it got me curious to learn which organizations you rally behind. For me, it’s the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is known for the legal cases it brings against white supremacist groups. They also keep close tabs on hate speech, and promote tolerance. Then there’s Planned Parenthood, to whom I have been donating on a monthly basis since our previous president was elected. Locally, I give to the Ali Forney Center, which is a drop-in center for homeless LGBTQ+ teenagers, who make up a disproportionate portion of the homeless youth population.  And finally, I donate to the Soi Dog Foundation, which rescues Thai dogs—including my Mister—off the street and sends them around the world to new homes.

At last, it’s party in a top season


I have explained the concept and genesis of the party in a top many times, but for those of you who might be new to GOACA, here goes: I came up with the notion after attending a holiday party that was quite crowded, and it occurred to me that at big fêtes such as that, all anybody really notices is what you’re wearing from the waist up. What a freeing concept, right? Just find yourself a great top, pair it with anything from jeans to cigarette trousers to even a skirt, and prepare for the compliments to come rolling in. I always do this post around holiday time, but took a break last year when parties weren’t really happening. But I’m back now, with—for starters—a really good leopard print peasant top.

I’m a big sequin fan, but feel they must be deployed with care. I don’t ever like to see them on something tight-fitting, and I’m pretty picky about the hue too—anything too colorful skews cheap. So I’m liking this sleeveless top, which I’d probably throw on under a blazer.

I don’t usually like a puff sleeve—at all—but this silk top somehow really works for me.

A gathered T-shirt that looks like it could be something fancy and Japanese, but it is in point of fact from Cos and rings in just under $75.

Vince’s band collar silk popover is a classic, and could just as easily be worn with a sleek pencil skirt as beat-up jeans.

Such a feminine, subtly sexy velvet camisole.

I dig the smocked sleeves and nice deep neckline of this tie neck blouse.

This lace top is pretty sheer, so I’d for sure pair it with a cami.

This metallic top is pretty statement-y, so I’d wear it with a comparatively quiet bottom.

I think the color combination here is unexpected and cool.

I’d wear this floral tie-neck top untied and unbuttoned a bit for a tousled and sexy look.

A nifty and well-priced metallic top that looks so easy and wearable.

A pleated top from Vince is a pleasingly dark floral.

This mauve smocked top comes in a couple of other good colors and is sort of sweetly romantic.




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