What the best gift you’re received lately?


At some point over the winter, I developed a craving for fresh-squeezed orange juice, but whenever I would order it—at restaurants, on Fresh Direct, wherever—the juice in question was always some pale and decidedly not-fresh-squeezed imitation of the real thing. So not long ago, my boyfriend Seth presented me with this excellent Cuisinart citrus juicer, which I now use just about every morning. I know you’re thinking a juicer is not the world’s most romantic gift, but to me, it actually kind of is, because it means Seth was paying attention, and what’s more romantic than that? OK, your turn: what did you receive, and from whom, and why do you love it?

Everything you need to get your hair out of your face


My hair frizzes in the heat and humidity, and when that happens, all I want to do is pull it back and be done with it. Some days, I just grab a hair elastic and call it good enough, but lately I’ve been feeling more adventuresome, and I think this brass ponytail holder, for starters, is just so elegant.

I couldn’t decide which of these acrylic barrettes from Rachel Comey I liked best, so I just decided to show you them all.

This orbital hairpin is like a stylishly updated version of the hippie-ish leather ones (see below).

In the summertime, I go through these plastic hairpins like water, so I order them in bulk. They’re cheap and they get the job done.

Butterfly clips work well, but I don’t like how most of them look. This striped number is pretty fantastic, though.

This brass hairpin looks really streamlined and like it costs a lot more than it does.

Scrunchies have been enjoying such a comeback that I could easily just have done a post on them alone, but in the end, I decided just to show you this spiff plaid one and leave it at that. (OK, I also like this glittery specimen, as well as this set of five striped ones.)

This leather hairpin is very summer-camp-counselor-in-the-craft-shed, but I think in the black it gets kind of chic.


How about we look at some mules?


I like that the light snakeskin here works so well with the stacked wooden heel.

Here’s a classic: Rachel Comey’s Mars Mule, which also looks fantastic (and is marked down) in white and yellow.

A streamlined-but-ladylike pair with a very walkable heel.

This one from Frye is pleasingly clunky, for those of you who subscribe to the notion that the clunkier the shoe, the thinner the thigh; here’s a cheaper version from Madewell.

A pretty much perfectly flat pair perfect for weekends.

The shape here is both sexy and sculptural.

I couldn’t resist including this fun, furry Rachel Comey option.

A woven pair with a towering—but sturdy—heel.


And how fantastic are these? If I ever do a post on parties in a shoe, this would definitely be included.

I’d treat this chic snakeskin option like a neutral and wear it with everything, but it’d look especially good with all white.





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