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I feel like we’re kind of overdue for one. Send me your best.

An embarrassment of camo


I’ve mentioned before that I think camo is pretty classic by now, like clogs and biker jackets and other items that used to be trendy but have stood the test of time. Still, I know that some of you think it’s disrespectful or wrong to wear something as fashion that soldiers wear in battle. But the military has influenced fashion for decades—maybe centuries?—so I feel it’s pretty fair game. I especially like camo in unexpected colorways, and this tee is a perfect example of that.

This button-down seems like it would be great for transitioning into fall dressing.

I once got in trouble with the publisher of Lucky, who was trying to sell the company ad space, when I told a reporter that Crocs were a pox, but at the time it was really how I felt. And it largely remains how I feel, despite my attraction to these—which I can not fully explain to you or myself.

Such a cute and cozy-looking quilted jacket with a nicely subtle print.

Just a really cute pair of sneaks in which to kick around.

This jacket looks an awful lot like those from indie designer Sandy Liang, who sells them for four or five times as much as this one goes for.

This summery dress from well-priced basics brand Z Supply has such a good silhouette and neckline.

And here’s another lovely frock that will be perfect for those oppressively hot August days we’re likely about to have.

A hoodie that’d be so cool layered under a blazer.

And yet another hoodie with thumbholes—which you may know I love—and a nice higher neckline for chilly morning dog walks.

I love this steal of a jacket as it is, but it also looks fantastic in black.

Slightly cropped camo pants that would be fantastic with a bright orange or pink (or something) tee or button-down.

I love how broken-in and weathered this tote looks.

The desert hues on this jacket make for a very appealing print.


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