In the mood for new denim


Back when I was married and would occasionally come home with some new and exciting clothing purchase, my ex-husband would exclaim, in an invariably exasperated tone, “But did you really need that?” And each time I would explain to him that it’s not a question of need. The heart wants what it wants, and right now mine wants some new jeans, post-haste. I’m thinking mostly (but not exclusively) about pairs that have something interesting going on, like these carpenter jeans, which remind me acutely of seventh grade.

I’d wear this Madewell pair with an otherwise very streamlined outfit.

I just think the wash on these is pretty perfect.

I’m intrigued by the notion of an exposed button fly, which feels kind of fun and retroish. Here is an also quite cute and cheaper pair.

I will never look good in coveralls, but I will never stop wishing I did, and these are pretty great.

Does anyone else find the notion of flared jeans intriguing?

OK, these leopard print jeans are rather nuts and also from R13 so they’re pricey, but I kind of think they’re fantastic too.

I don’t usually like white exposed stitching, but on this chino-cut pair, it’s rather spiff.

This pair is such a nice dark wash, and is so blessedly free of whiskering and other distressing that you could get away with wearing it to the office. Here is a cheaper pair that’s also quite good.

I think these trouser jeans would be quite flattering on those of us with hips.

A tuxedo stripe dresses these up a bit.

And finally: I dig the very subtle camo print here.

Things I bought, things I want


Over the holidays, I stopped in at the Of A Kind pop-up shop, because: 1. It was right in my neighborhood and 2. I like to be supportive of people I like, and Of a Kind was co-founded by Erica Cerulo, who I worked with at Lucky. Like the Of a Kind site—which specializes in unearthing cool pieces by indie designers—the shop was full of extra-tempting items, and I bought this alpaca-blend sweater without even entering the dressing room, on the strength of how extra-soft and lightweight it was, and how much I liked that blue (it also comes in a very soft pink). So I had no way of knowing until the first time I wore it out of the house how preternaturally warm it is for a sweater of its weight, but it really is. Also, it’s also marked hugely down at the moment.

I love my blue Nili Lotan Tel Aviv jeans—they’re pretty much the perfect slouchy trouser jean—and have been searching for a black pair (they’ve been discontinued) for ages, and finally found them—marked way, way down, over at Barneys Warehouse (they have the blue ones too, BTW, also for cheap but not in quite so many sizes).


The next item isn’t something I purchased, but rather something that was gifted to me, by my ever-thoughtful mom, after I complained of insomnia: one of those weighted blankets everyone seems to be raving about. It didn’t 100% cure my sleeplessness—alas, nothing totally has—but it really helps, and I’m amazed that something so heavy isn’t suffocatingly hot, but it’s really not. Just super-cozy and somehow relaxing.

I’m seriously considering pulling the trigger on these green jeans—the hue is a fun departure from the usual blue or black, and comes off almost like a neutral.

I’d wear this embroidered top now with a long-sleeved tee or turtleneck underneath, and later on when it gets warmer all on its own.

The striped faux fur jacket is so fun and graphic.

I did a really stupid thing the other day, and spilled boiling hot water on top of my right foot while I was making pasta, which resulted in what I’m pretty certain is a second-degree burn. It hurt like a mother, and still hurts if I try to wear anything other than sneakers, which is problematic on two counts. One, because it’s pretty chilly around here these days, and sneakers aren’t the warmest, and two, because most sneakers don’t give you any height, and I crave height. So I’m considering these,which are toasty and faux fur lined, and which have a hidden wedge heel.

I also like these—which aren’t quite sneakers but look comfortable—and they have treads, which would be better when it snows.

I’m really digging silk tops at the moment because they’re so thin and therefore easy to layer under sweaters, which comes in handy when it’s Arctic out, and this one is very nearly perfect, what with its deep V-neck and nice clean lines.

And finally: this glittery pink cosmetics case is kind of a kick.

What would you never wear?


I think this has to do 100% with me growing up in Texas, and I don’t say never to much, but it’s tough to imagine any scenario that would involve me wearing cowboy boots, even though: 1. they look very chic on others, and 2. I think these, from Anine Bing, are pretty cute.



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