OK, slight change of plans for the meetup tonight


Allrighty ladies, how about we meet in the lobby bar at the Palihouse Hotel West Hollywood, 8465 Holloway Drive, at 7:30 pm tonight, the 17th.  If you’ve got questions today about anything, DM me on my Instagram.

Off I go



So I’m leaving for Los Angeles before the break of dawn Sunday morning. I’m SO sorry the details of the meetup are not yet finalized, it’s been a real bear of a week around here, what with trying to get everything in order to get out of town and various personal semi-emergencies and whatnot. But I am thinking the 17th makes the most sense for a date, so check the comments on this post for updates regarding venue. And if you are planning to attend, please let me know here. Meanwhile in other business, I will probably be posting intermittently next week, so expect me back here on the regular on the 24th.

Let’s share our best breakup stories!


One of my favorite GOACA comment threads ever was a few years ago on Valentine’s Day, when I asked you about your worst dates ever. Well, this time around, I’m requesting that you share your very worst breakup stories. I’ll go first: I once had a boyfriend break up with me in an email to my mother. That’s pretty bad, but I know you can beat it, so go forth.



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