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All manner of springtime stripes


I am way over-dependent on stripes—they are by far the most prevalent print in my closet—and they’re so easy to wear, and also to mix with other prints (just remember the golden rule of print mixing and make sure each piece has at least one of the same colors). I think this polo sweater is awfully spiff, and I like the deep neckline.

A cute tee at a nice price.

This dress looks just as easy as you please, and the generous slit keeps things feminine.

I really love a thick rugby stripe, and the color combination here is unbeatable.

This looks like it could be Nili Lotan’s Normandy blouse, but it costs about half as much as that.

This half-zip sweatshirt is just aces: sporty and casual but also nicely polished-looking.

The vertical stripes on this popover are nicely unexpected.

A cute and sporty lightweight polo sweater.

This rainbow-stripe hoodie is in my shopping cart even as I type—it’s so cheery and cute.

A nice lightweight wool scarf throwing on on cool evenings.

I really want this popover shirtdress—it’s got great menswearish details.

A loud and pretty preppy bright button-down from Alex Mill that I would 100% wear.

This PLAY Comme des garcons tee is one of the only exceptions to my no-designer-logos rule because the little heart logo is so damn cute.

This webbed belt is a good way to add a little color to your outfit without much effort.

I dig the combination of fat and thin stripes here.

And here’s another cute button-down that I’d wear half-tucked because I still do that.

Such a fun, preppy-ish crossbody bag strap from Clare V.

I adore this short-sleeved sweater: it’s just the right amount of cropped, and very sportif.

I like a vertical tote, and this one is an exactly perfect size.

This happy, bright button-down comes in a few good colors, but I’m kind of into this coral hue.


A bunch of cute spring jumpsuits


I know that some of you can’t abide a jumpsuit just from a it’s-just-too-much-of-a-pain-to-go-to-the-bathroom perspective, but I continue to think they’re a great, one-and-done way to get dressed in the morning. I especially like coverall-ish jumpsuits because they’re so slouchily casual, and this one from Alex Mill is so simple but perfect.

I dig the rosy hue of this, and the fact that it’s really well-priced.

The zipper neckline here is just aces, and so is the cropped silhouette.

A cute denim number that looks like it could have walked right out of the 1970s.

The D-ring belt on this one from ATM really makes it.

I like the idea of an off-white jumpsuit, and this one is made of sweatshirt material, so I’d imagine it’s impossibly comfy.

The Grecian neckline and jogger pants make this cute specimen really standout.

This just looks so crisp and easy and summery.

An army green jumpsuit with a handy adjustable waistline.

This is just so damn spiff.

Here’s one that’s good for lounging about at home, but also just polished enough to wear on the street.

This looks straight out of the Maria Cornejo playbook, but it’s much cheaper.




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