A few graphic tees for your Friday


I will preface this post by apologizing for the fact that so many of these tees cost more than what a tee should cost. But when you’re talking about an investment tee—and let’s just go out on a limb here and act like such a category exists—sometimes I do think it’s OK to splurge. Because, at least in my life, nothing does as brilliantly on the cost-per-wear front than a well-loved tee does.  One can hardly argue with the sentiment here, and you get that itsy bonus Bella Freud dog logo on the sleeve.

The off-kilter lips here are pretty dear.

I don’t know why this Star Wars tee appeals to me so much—maybe the fact that it looks authentically old.


This old-school Levi’s logo really pops.

I really want this snake tee: the graphics are so gracefully badass.

The Great makes a very good, soft, extra-slouchy tee, and this one looks like a beaten-in favorite.

This tee is a tribute to the late great fashion zine of the 90s, Cheap Date.


Checking out the Need Supply Friends & Family sale


The deal is that you get 20% off everything with the code 20FORYOU (there are exclusions, but, maddeningly, I couldn’t find them on the site; perhaps you can) and it all ends Friday night at 11:59. This chic little embroidered blouse is already well-priced, and with the discount it’s a steal.

A perfectly slouchy grey alpaca sweater.

The beige and light blue on this striped shirt is nicely unexpected, and I like the drop shoulders.

A gorgeous blue collarless coat that would be great layered over a denim jacket.

And this hooded camel coat gets it so exactly right that I can almost not bear it. If camel looked good on me, I’d be really tempted.

A nicely feminine but still streamlined skirt.

Need Supply also has rather good a home/design selection; this desk lamp is so minimal and stylish.

And this may be the best-looking scent diffuser I’ve ever seen.

This glass is ever-so-slightly tinged with grey, which is so pretty.

I’m intrigued by claims that rose quartz facial rollers promote circulation and bring glowiness and un-puffiness to the party. Any of you have experience with them?

This attractive ceramic French press makes me want to throw over my finicky Nespresso machine for good.

18 really quite excellent faux fur coats and jackets


I’m so glad that faux fur is having an extended moment—in fact, I think perhaps it has moved on from moment status to classic, do you not agree? I like it because it’s fun and a little sexy (depending on how you play it) and, not incidentally, so very warm—which means a lot to me because lately there is nothing I dislike as much as being cold. I do think this one looks quite cozy, and has such good lines. It’d be great with a flowy dress.

I like how this has the lines of a classic winter overcoat, but it’s furry. Also, the camel color is chic.

But could anything be happier than this red option?

A very sophisticated choice, with a slightly flared sleeve, which usually I don’t like but that I approve of here.

I want this one from Vince bad: it’d be so cute with jeans and big boots.

And this toggle coat is high on my list, too: there is just something so perfectly Ali McGraw about a toggle coat.


I love the idea of faux fur in a rich navy.

Whenever I’m on the Upper East Side in the winter, I marvel at how warm all the fancy ladies look in their super-long fur coats. I’m not especially jealous as I’m not a fur-wearer, but I do think there’s something to all that length. This would be my version of that look.

I believe this shaggy number may be my favorite of the bunch: so Lady Rock Star.

And why not a yellow jacket? Do you know how hard it would be to stay in a bad mood in a yellow jacket?

This cropped jacket would look fantastic with a hoodie layered under it.

Another very cozy choice.

A Levi’s trucker jacket, all done up in faux.

A leopard print bomber that’d be fun for nights out or whenever.

I like the side-button closure here.

This is just so sweet, and eminently layer-able.

I like the wide lapels here.

And finally: the ribbon trim really makes this one.




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