Taking requests: hair accessories

I can’t find the email in which a reader asked for this particular post, but it was brief, and basically said please show us some nice hair accessories, so here that is for you, anonymous reader and whoever else is interested. I’m starting with this splurgy-but-gorgeous snake hair pin, because it is just so much excellence.

These beaded ponytail holders bring a little color to the party.

These barrettes are by jewelry designer Gabriela Artigas, and they’re not especially cheap, but they are so graceful and pretty. Here’s something similar and not quite as pricey.

This is a cheaper knockoff of this ponytail holder, and I wish I’d known about it when I sprang for the latter.

This bendable leather cuff is slightly rock chick in a way that I can really get behind.

Scrunchies are having such a moment that I could have done a post on them alone, only I don’t entirely know how I feel about their return, so I’ll just show you this cute floral number and consider that particular base covered.

This bun cover reminds me of something the summer camp counselor who ran the crafts shed would wear.

These bobby pins with little pearl-like beads would look so nice holding hair up in a twist.

How about we look at some denim skirts?

This picture of Lauren Hutton is one of my favorite inspirational fashion photos of all time: how perfect—and perfectly relaxed—does she look in the simplest of outfits? I’d wear the following skirts just the way she is here: with a button-down, or maybe a tee or tank on really hot days.

This button-front A-line number is slightly `70s in a way that appeals.

I usually don’t like this silhouette—the flouncy bit at the hem—but something about the stiffness of denim makes it hang not so flouncily, and I like it.

I deplore the way this is styled—high tops flatter no one when paired with a skirt—but the asymmetrical zipper here is kind of fun and new wave.

Another bit of asymmetry—this one at the hem—on a very winning skirt.

A sweet pencil skirt with a generous—but not perilous—slit up the back. It’s also pretty well-priced.

This J. Crew skirt has a released hem (yes, I still like released hems) and a slightly shorter length, for those who are perfectly pleased with their legs.

A crisp and office-worthy option from Veronica Beard.

The subtle pin-striping here is a nice touch.

The denim here is delightfully dark, and blessedly free of distressing or whiskering.

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