Brand I like: Lacausa


This ethically-produced, L.A.-based line has been around since 2013, but I somehow didn’t discover it until the other day.  I’m really digging its tomboyish-ly utilitarian—but still somehow feminine—aesthetic. This gauze shirt, for example, looks so easy to wear, but also slightly sexy.

The top half of this crisp dress is kind of preppy, and the tiered bottom half is a bit boho, but together it all works somehow.

These wide-leg trousers have a chill chino-ish vibe.

I really, really like the idea of this red jumpsuit, even though my friend Tally (probably correctly) pointed out that a red jumpsuit is an awful lot of statement. So I’m thinking I might go for the blue or black instead.

A perfect lightweight jacket for the transitional weather we’ll be having pretty soon.

I’m not crazy for wrap dresses—I’m always afraid I’m one false move away from exposing myself. But I think this one would be aces with a black silk slip underneath.

This breezy blouse has a kind of streamlined romantic feel, if that’s a thing.

I own so many button-downs that it seems nuts to even consider adding to the menagerie in my closet, but this looks so slouchily perfect that I might have no choice but to.


I may need a new bag


I’m always impressed by women who manage to switch out their bags every few days, or to match their outfits; it’s something to aspire to. My M.O. is more to buy a bag I love, carry it for months and months every single day, and then get sick to death of it and crave a new one bad. It’s like when you really like a song and play it so many times that finally you can’t bear to hear it anymore. That’s where I am right now, and I have to say, it feels like the pickings are slim. I believe I think this because I’m not crazy for any bag trend right now, and especially not what appears to be the biggest one of all: making them really, really tiny. But I did manage to find a handful I liked, including this delightful, loud orange one.

Or maybe what I really need is a backpack? This one is a pretty perfect size, and I like that it’s kind of handbag-ish-looking.

I know it’s not the most practical thing, but I do sort of desire a chain-strap bag, and this one from A.P.C. is so elegant.

This is a good laptop-friendly option, and the striped strap is fun.

This looks very chicly minimal and old Jil Sander to me.

I’m not especially looking for a tote, but this splurgy little number from Il Bisonte is such a fantastic and unexpected blue.


This nylon camera bag has got a very utilitarian, cool-girl appeal.

Cheap and chic of the week


Just last week I was saying I don’t see the point of short-sleeved sweaters, and yet here is another one I think is really good, so I guess I’m going to have to revise my opinion. This ribbed polo from Everlane comes in a few colors (I like this poppy cobalt blue too) and is made of merino wool, so there’s a minimal itch factor. The fact that it’s got more buttons at the neckline than usual strikes me as very chic and a little French, as do the elbow-length sleeves.



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